Poundland divides social media users with controversial ad campaign

Poundland’s elf on the shelf ad campaign causes a stir

2017 saw a series of marketing campaigns from major brands that were criticised as intentionally or unintentionally ‘missing the mark’. Poundland is now the latest retailer to open itself up to criticism, taking a sledgehammer approach on its social media feeds in the build-up to Christmas.

Its risqué elf on the shelf photographs divided Twitter users yesterday, with Twinings Tea instantly disassociating itself when one image in particular featured the company’s product:

Whilst many found the images harmless and funny, others were disgusted and even threatened police action. But if Poundland’s latest tweet about it all being a ‘storm in a teacup’ is anything to go by, there could be more to come at 12:00pm today…

Whatever your opinion on the controversial images from Poundland’s Facebook page and Twitter feed, one thing is for certain: with just three days to go until Christmas, the budget high street retailer has managed to work its way into everybody’s minds as they look to bag a last minute bargain before 25th December.

Daniel Jenkins  (DanWJenkins)

What are your thoughts on Poundland’s controversial new ad campaign? 

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