The Nostalgia Factor

We have reached an age of nostalgia. It seems as though the entire UK population (myself included) is eagerly awaiting the second season of Netflix’s Stephen King style 80s-esque Stranger Things, Facebook is continuously reminding us of those better days gone by in monthly and yearly ‘memories’, and only last year, vinyl sales were at their highest point in a quarter of a century. Whilst technology is moving forward at a thousand miles a minute, our sentiments are not, and a generation of 80s kids are clinging on to their Super Nintendo Entertainment Systems and their plastic pound carrying tubes. Remember them?

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Creativity is king in the modern marketing landscape

Keeping marketing creative

I’d not long clocked off for lunch today when I stumbled across this article from Gordon Young, editor of The Drum, and I urge you to read it too:

Why The Drum has a responsibility to keep creativity in the spotlight

With The Drum’s Creativity Awards just around the corner, this article got me thinking about just how important it is to keep a creative focus in marketing, and to coin a well-used phtrase more commonly attributed to content, it feels as though creativity is king in the modern marketing landscape. In an industry where analytics, algorithms and bots dominate discussion, it is more important than ever to remember that creativity remains a vital element, and whilst technology and trends develop, it takes a huge amount of imagination and innovation in order to satisfy customers’ needs and instigate change.

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My Thoughts on Twitter’s 280 Character Limit


The day that Twitter entered my life

“Twitter? Oh, it’s brilliant. You HAVE to try it. It’s so much better than Facebook; you can engage with people in the public eye (Stephen Fry et al) and the best thing of all is that your posts can only be 140 characters, so they are short and sweet: tweets! Look, I’ll show you my account…”

This was the first I’d heard about Twitter. Now it seems like a lifetime ago, but it didn’t take long before it became my most preferred social media platform by a long shot. Outside of work, it’s where I go to engage with businesses/organisations, check out the latest rugby score updates, find out if there are any traffic delays ahead and it’s new moments feature can be an excellent news source.

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Forward Ladies National Awards 2017


Company Director, Nicola Lander, shortlisted at this year’s awards

Last year was an unforgettable year at Jigsaw Arts Franchise Ltd, and it was capped off with a night to remember at the Lloyds Bank National Business Awards; so you can imagine our delight when, after being shortlisted for several awards in 2016, Jigsaw was in the spotlight again after it was announced that Nicola Lander had been shortlisted in the SME Growth Category at the Forward Ladies National Awards 2017.

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ME Foggy Dog’s World Tour

ME Foggy Dog

Raising Awareness of ME and the ME Association

ME Foggy Dog is a social media driven global charity brand that is run independently by Sally Callow on behalf of the ME Association in the UK and since its creation in 2014, the brand has raised over £8000 for ME medical research. ME Foggy Dog raises awareness of a severely debilitating illness in a light-hearted and engaging way.

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