Why the Black Friday sales represent a shift in seasonal spending

Whilst consumers have flocked to both the online and offline marketplace in that have-a-go hunt to bag a bargain, retailers are clapping their hands with glee as top dollar items fly off the shelves quicker than you can say “do you want my three digit security code?”

The power of Black Friday

But what makes Black Friday so powerful is the sheer scale of it. From independent retailers to global online distributors, both B2B and B2C organisations have accelerated Christmas shopping on an enormous scale and are tapping into the very heart of consumer habits with an endless array of sales promotions.

Let’s face it: the January sales just aren’t what they used to be. Our shopping habits are changing as we strive to become innovaters, being the first to get our hands on the goods as quickly as possible in the build-up to Christmas. No longer do we flood the high streets in January gripping our Crimbo cash looking for a t-shirt that may or may not be available in our size on the sales rails of shops stretching across the length of the high street. By Boxing Day, we’re all retailed out and are too full of turkey, mince pies and over-spend regret to even think about hitting the high street again.

That’s not to say that a New Year sale has fallen completely into the abyss. There is, and always will be, a market for it. But I for one won’t be taking part; I’ll be too busy hunting for the remote to my new Amazon Echo bought sometime at the end of November which has fallen down the back of the sofa. Now where did I leave my torch…?

“Alexa, can you help me find it?”

Daniel Jenkins (@DanWJenkins)

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