The Nostalgia Factor

We have reached an age of nostalgia. It seems as though the entire UK population (myself included) is eagerly awaiting the second season of Netflix’s Stephen King style 80s-esque Stranger Things, Facebook is continuously reminding us of those better days gone by in monthly and yearly ‘memories’, and only last year, vinyl sales were at their highest point in a quarter of a century. Whilst technology is moving forward at a thousand miles a minute, our sentiments are not, and a generation of 80s kids are clinging on to their Super Nintendo Entertainment Systems and their plastic pound carrying tubes. Remember them?

Chocolate from your childhood

What’s best of all, companies and brands know this and are heading straight for our heartstrings, beckoning us to engage with long lost media forms and childhood memories. Only the other day, it popped up on my Twitter feed that Cadbury are releasing a limited edition multi-pack of all your childhood favourites: fruit and nut, dairy milk, whole nut, but with an added twist: the packaging. You remember the chocolate from your childhood, and believe me, at one glance you’ll remember the packaging as well.

Beanz Meanz Heinz

Following Cadbury’s retro rethink, Heinz have taken to social media and announced that, after 50 years, beans means more than just Heinz. What!? That can’t possible be true. But believe me, it does: beans means you! Especially when you have a can of Heinz baked beans with your name on it. Who wouldn’t want their name on a can of baked beans? I’ll be honest, I try not to fall into nostalgia; but sometimes, it’s just too hard not to. I suppose that, growing up, it never really occurred to me to have my name on a can of beans. Beanz Meanz Heinz, and I like to keep it that way. But what if that’s what’s been missing from my life? Perhaps this is just what I need. I’m convinced. Where do I sign?

Anyway, I’d love to stay and chat of days gone by but I must dash… I’m still recovering from watching the remake of 80s cult classic, IT, and my cassette needs turning over.

Okay, you’ve got me. That last bit about cassettes wasn’t necessarily true. But come to think about it, whatever did I do with that old Walkman…?

Daniel Jenkins (@DanWJenkins)

What makes you feel nostalgic? Comment below, let me know.

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