ME Foggy Dog’s World Tour

Raising Awareness of ME and the ME Association

ME Foggy Dog is a social media driven global charity brand that is run independently by Sally Callow on behalf of the ME Association in the UK and since its creation in 2014, the brand has raised over £8000 for ME medical research. ME Foggy Dog raises awareness of a severely debilitating illness in a light-hearted and engaging way.

Foggy is not just a soft toy… he’s a globetrotting adventurer who is about to embark on another year-long world tour. During his first tour in 2014/15, he travelled 196,875 miles and visited countries including Vietnam, Australia, India, and Italy. Last year, Foggy did sport to great success and this year he is back travelling the world on a mission to cover 250,000 miles; a significant number given the fact that there are currently 250,000 ME sufferers in the UK.

Foggy’s 2017 World Tour itinerary currently includes a trip to the Netherlands, a cruise on the QE2 to Gibraltar/Croatia/Italy, and an expedition to Canada. If you could help the cause and take Foggy away on an overseas trip he would be eternally grateful. You can get in touch with Sally at ME Foggy Dog here: All that is needed are a few photographs of his exploits whilst he is with you… but rest assured, he is known to be extremely well-behaved and the perfect travel companion.

Find out more

For more information, check out Foggy’s website: and be sure to follow Foggy’s exploits on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

ME Foggy Dog will be getting his third campaign off with a bang with a Launch Party on 5th July in Portsmouth. You can book your free tickets via this Eventbrite link.

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