Twitter Replies are Changing

Twitter changes its character count for replies

After Twitter introduced a change last year whereby media would not take up the 140 character count in tweets, Twitter has now taken it one step further and has changed the way its replies work.

Now, when you @ a handle, replying to a tweet, you can choose who you want to receive this reply and the handles won’t dominate your 140 character limit.

Good news or bad?

Well the good news is that there’s more room for your replies to fit into one single tweet, meaning that you’ll hopefully be able to spend less time splitting replies into two tweets labelling them (1/2) and (2/2) and so on.

However, for Twitter purists around the world, the biggest strength of this ever-growing social media platform is its 140 character limit. Squeezing a tweet into so few characters is part and parcel of the Twitterverse, but beyond this there is also the issue of spamming. It would appear that it is now all too easy to construct a 140 character tweet and reply to a @username handle after handle after handle, instantly sending a reply to numerous Twitter accounts at the same time, all at the click of a button.

Time will tell

So far, Twitter’s developments have enhanced the social media platform. From GIF libraries to Moments, Twitter is constantly building on its strengths, listening to its users and developing its services. Will this latest change be met with the same level of satisfaction? Only time will tell.

What are your thoughts on Twitter’s latest update? #JoinTheConversation and comment below…

Daniel Jenkins (@DanWJenkins)

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