Review: Barbour Alanby Watch

Barbour Alanby Watch Review

Barbour has become synonymous with countryside chic. Their waxed cotton jackets and olive green flat caps are the staples of a the Barbour world, and they constantly manage to produce timeless classics.

Something which is a little less commonplace amongst a Barbour wardrobe, however, is a watch; but the new range of Barbour watches has certainly re-written the book and added a new dimension to the Barbour range.

The Barbour Alanby watch is stylish, sophisticated and in line with Barbour‘s overall brand image. It is simple and stylish but still makes a statement. The fabric strap is lightweight and comes in a choice of colours similar to those used in their jackets and other accessories and watch face’s minimalist number design is an eye-catching feature.

Water resistant and utilising Swiss technology the Barbour Alanby is a perfect everyday watch and one which certainly will not disappoint fans of the Barbour range.

Speaking of watches, what’s the best watch that you’ve ever owned? Feel free to comment, I’d love to know!

Daniel Jenkins (@DanWJenkins)

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